Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday

Sunday evening we Celebrated T.J.'s birthday with what has been traditional ever since I can remember (for him anyway)- pizza and dirt cake.
Yes he's an old man now, more than halfway to fifty and I have pictures to prove it.
Okay so you can barely see the candles but they do say "26"
tj and boaz
I thought this was a kinda cute picture of the oldest and youngest.

and of course there were presents;
opening presents
Of course what he really wanted was Final Cut Studio 2, but none of his siblings were willing to cut quite that deeply into our pocket-books.

After the festivities we all sat and listened to T.J. and Dad read short stories
story time

more stories

Of course no gathering is complete without everybody's favorite (only) nephew :)

P.S. Sorry the pictures are so small :}

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Green House Construction

This week, I took a friend to the dentist so I came home and there was this ten foot tall construction in the backyard. I was really scratching my head over this and finally asked Mom why Dad was building such a tall green-house, after all, that's what he said he was building.
The answer: " I don't know" .
Well I couldn't come up with any poausible answer so finally Dad told us that this was only a temporary green house, and would eventually be a tool shed. Now that's a good idea.
This is what he got done Monday;

(btw that's an old pool ladder on the right ;) The little boys say they like it better than the regular step ladder)
The plan is to finish it on his next day off from horseshoeing, and then we'll have A GREEN HOUSE FOLKS! I am so excited !

Next is the chicken house.......

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy new year !

We hosted a New years Eve party of sorts last night. Very fun, and johanna got a few pics. So here they are
deep discution
The guys in deep discussion
courter kids
The Courter choir. We LOVE to hear them sing.
rachel and allen
Of course I had to put a picture of the cutest of them all! With his Mom of course.
Boaz and chocolate
Okay, this was technically before the party. Can you tell Boaz loves chocolate?
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