Friday, September 18, 2009

Update in Texas

Texas! So I thought I'd update the blog while Elise and I are here visiting the New family. I'm not in any of these, since I'm the one taking most of the pictures.

Elise and Gabriel are checking out the property, trying to decide where to build a house. That's Gabby between them, Gabe's niece.

Lots of cactus her in Texas! Funny how people actually buy the stuff in TN. It just grows wild here.

Elise and Gabriel are sorting through some potatoes.

I thought this was a really cute picture of Sophie and Dietrich.

Halcyon reading a book to Sophie and Zoe. Zoe will be one of the flower girls at Elise and Gabe's wedding.

Hahaha Erich. You are very funny!

Elise and Gabe making sausage! Oh, and they had some cooking on the stove. It was yummy!

And now it's time to smoke the sausage. Mmmmmm.

I thought some black and white pictures would look cool because of the smoke.


That's it for now. I'll try to come back after a few days and post more pictures of all that's happening in Texas.

Monday, September 14, 2009


"Without the Great Awakening [1740-1760] there would have been no American Revolution [1760-1790]. The ideas, the motivation, the Biblical worldview, and the great virtuous statesmanship seen in the Founder's Era were all birthed in this great revival led by Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield. George Washington, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson and others who guided us through our independence and beginnings as a nation were young men during this time period. The Godly environment of the Awakening deeply affected and helped prepare them for their destiny." Mark Beliles

During this Great awakening the spirit of God swept mightily throughout the colonies. The numbers of people in the churches more than doubled. Whole towns were literally converted to Christ. Benjamin Franklin wrote in his Autobiography that "It seemed as if all the world were growing religious, so one could not walk thro' the town in an evening without hearing Psalms sung in different families of every street".
Many new revivalist universities were established to cultivate and propagate seeds of liberty and raise up a learned clergy. The clergy trained at these universities helped to spread biblical principles to all the colonies. They continued to cultivate the Christian ideas of Liberty up to the Revolution.
Now we find melancholy christians ungrateful for what they have been given. I know they are ungrateful because they are unwilling to do anything to keep what they have been given, as though what they have been given is an inherent right. Have we lost the will to fight?
it is said, "the crisis of the Western World is the degree that it has separated itself from God, and shares the faith of the communists. The crisis of the Communist World is the degree it has failed to separate its people from God. And the one with the stronger faith will win".
God Help Us!
What must a christian do? Prayer meetings, bible studies, church services, singing choruses, and witnessing are withal to develop faith. but Christians must grasp current issues and not withdraw from world affairs, nor fail to resist or even protest what they know to be wrong, for fear of getting poetical. although a period of tribulation is foreseen, many do nothing to stop it and expect to be spared by a "Rapture". Such thinking is foolish!
Prayer alone, without action, may be insufficient, for God works through His created beings. The Hungarians did not actively resist the Soviet takeover, and were shot in the head while praying for deliverance! "John Coey"

The choice has always been ours, I've made my choice!
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