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Interesting Article


By Andrew C. Wallace
January 29, 2011

This is an explanation of the shooting of Police Officers Tom Baitinger, and Jeffrey Yaslowitz and a U.S. Marshal in St. Petersburg, Florida, Officer Steven Dodds in Oregon, Officer David Moore in Indianapolis, two Officers wounded in Port Orchard, Washington, Two Sheriff’s Deputies wounded in Tacoma, Washington, and four Police Officers wounded in Detroit, Michigan. Eleven of these shootings took place in 24 hours as reported by Fox News 1-25-11.

To expect different outcomes from inner city Marxist Utopias is both moronic and impossible. Simple logic and history dictates that most people born into the world without being taught right from wrong, the Golden Rule, ethics, morals or guidance from a proper family, the teachings of Jesus Christ and real education, are doomed. These residents even elect and support those who deprive them of freedom and prosperity, who are just like those who sold their own people into slavery in the first place.

Law abiding people living in the Marxist Utopias live in fear of the criminals produced therein and have a strong resentment of ill treatment by the establishment represented by the Police. Under existing circumstances, this deadly situation is highly resistant to change.

Police have never had the lead responsibility to protect the people. Our constitution gave that obligation to the people themselves along with the right to keep and bear arms as protection against criminals and a rogue government. It is impossible for police to protect the people without an armed citizenry supporting the police, but the Marxist Officials will not allow it because they rightly fear retribution from the people. Officials should fear arrest for their treason.

The people had my back when I was a police officer and I would never work under the present conditions where the police are perceived much like that of an occupying army. In many cases the people are protecting the criminals and hate the police.

The police have limited choices, none of them easy. They can arm and train the law abiding people while earning their trust. This would require that the police pay close attention to the prosecutors and judges to insure that people get equal justice and due process in a civil manner. Since many prosecutors and judges are corrupt, police will have to investigate and arrest some of them to establish creditability. Police will have targets on their backs until they are perceived as friends of the people. Don’t tell me that this is a pipe dream and will not work because I have experienced it. As a police officer, I have been offered housing at much reduced cost to get me to live in their area, the people wanted my services. Police in Marxist utopias can’t say the same thing as they are mostly hated.

We used to have a saying that “You could fight with every drunk, or not, your choice”. I have seen many current police officers on TV treat people in a disrespectful manner that did nothing to get rid of that target.

I was taught as a police officer “to either kill the people with kindness, or to kill them for proper cause”, and that we were not paid to subdue people with a club or with physical force because it was poor public relations, not required, and sooner or later we would lose with dire consequences. This policy was based upon experience and was very effective. We did not wear track shoes because common law allowed use of deadly force to stop felons. We could use positive road blocks so car chases did not last long. Everyone knew the rules of engagement so it worked quite well.

This problem was started by greedy politicians who instituted pure Marxism in the inner cities depriving people of equal opportunity and freedom by replacing it with equal poverty and slavery resulting in a brainwashed population with a large criminal underclass. One example of a major cause is the 20% high school graduation rate of Blacks in St. Petersburg, Florida, which is the worst example of low graduation rates in the United States.

If the police can’t change things by throwing some officials in jail and working with the people they should resign, and law abiding residents should move out. To my knowledge it is almost unheard of for Police to use their legitimate and superior power to clean out prosecutorial and judicial corruption. If the police don’t do it, who can?

My prayers go to the families of the brave officers who have died because of yet another failed experiment in Marxism by Traitors to our Constitution in the government, and most especially to the Marxist media who refused to tell people the truth.There is a high probability that our money and government benefits will become worthless. When this occurs, residents of the Marxist utopias, seeking food, will attack the government or the working people, in either case, it is not a time to live or work in the city.

Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.

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TJ's Birthday

Yesterday was TJ's 29th birthday. He and his family came over here to celebrate. We had pizza and dirt cake, of course.

This picture of Titus is so cute I just had to post it. He has such big eyes!

Tribute to a Patriarch

Wednesday, January 19, my Father-in-Law passed away, being 85 years of age.

He was the last living parent of both Tim and I.

Tim’s mother passed away in April of 2007 (at the age of 82).

My parents passed away in 1988 (Mom, at the age of 55) and 1995 (Dad, 70 yrs old).

It’s a strange thing to ponder, the death of one’s own parents and the fact that all four of our parents are gone. I’m sure some of you have gone through it.

But my father-in-law was a Christian. He believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and is now with his Savior.

He loved Jesus Christ with all his heart.

He taught the Word of God in Bible study classes.

In my first few years as a new believer (30 years ago), I learned a lot through his teaching. The Lord really used that teaching to jumpstart me into spiritual growth.

My father-in-law raised 4 children, one of those being my husband.

He taught my husband, who I love very much, the Christian faith, discipline, and to love his wife (and to see nothing but the good in her), for which I am very grateful.

That Godly patriarch left behind 4 children, 16 grandchildren (half of those come from Tim and I), and 14 great grandchildren (3 from our son) with 3 more great grandchildren on the way (1 from our daughter).

He also left a few material goods behind, but those, of course, are not important.

What’s important is, and I believe he would agree, is the legacy of the family he left on this earth to not only carry on the Draper name, but to carry on the name of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Creator of all things, who is God in the flesh, who died for the sins of HIS people.

THAT’S A LEGACY!!! The way it’s suppose to be.

Robert L. Draper: 2007

Robert L. Draper

Sept. 25, 1925 - Jan. 19, 2011

We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord. [2 Cor. 5:8]

Jesus said, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

And whosever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. [John 11:25,26]

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Narnia" Dresses

These are dresses that I made to look like the ones that Susan and Lucy wore on Prince Caspian. These are the first dresses that I have made by myself. They really weren't that hard to make. I made the pattern so they were pretty simple.

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Cute Pic

Natasha and her Daddy (TJ)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


You have to watch this video.
Do you all realize that criminals will always have access to weapons of any kind, even if guns are outlawed.
If the woman in this video didn't have a gun, she would probably be dead.
Not only did the criminal have a gun, he had a knife.
A gun is a great equalizer.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dinner Conversations

When our family sits down to a meal together, we can have quite the conversation. It usually gets comical. One thing leads to another to where we wonder how we got on a certain topic. But maybe if I write it down here, you can see how that can happen.

Dinner Conversation:

Boaz: “I wish I would of remembered to put hot sauce on my toast.”

Mom: “On your honey toast?”

Boaz: "Yeah.”

Levi: “Oh yeah, you want to dip it in red bull too? So and So (to protect the guilty) pours red bull in his coffee.”

Johanna: “Well So and So (again, to protect the guilty) also thinks eating 10 hotdogs is a good supper.” (Johanna is not a fan of hotdogs)

Levi: “Or you could dip it all in Pepsi.” “Mom, he’s being gross.” (mimicking the movie, Martian Child where the “martian” child pours Pepsi on his food.)

Jordon: “Putting coffee and Red Bull together would make me sick.”

Levi: “So would the gift that Shrek gave Fiona. The box with grubs and worms in it.” (in reference to the movie, Shrek Forever After)

Dad (Tim): “We use to dissect worms and frogs in biology class in school. But I guess that wouldn’t fly with Peta, the animal rights activists.”

And now the kicker:

Johanna: "Yeah, but if they use little unborn baby worms, they wouldn't really be worms, would they?"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

At Grandma's House

Here's what happens at Grandma's house when Allen and Natasha visit.
The first 5 pictures and the video were taken on December 20, the day Titus was born.
Allen (age 4) and Uncle Boaz (age 9) are great playmates.

Boaz had made some bows and arrows.

They had great fun rolling down the hay bale.

Towards the end of the day Aunt Laurel and Aunt Abigail gave Allen and Natasha a ride on the horse.

A week later Rachel and the kids visited.
Uncle Levi was wrestling with Allen. Allen was calling for 'Tasha' to come help.
Natasha (age 2) climbed off her Mama's lap and went to rescue her brother.
It was hilarious. I wish I had a video of it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Can You Take The Truth?

If you seek truth, it may cost you something. Escpecially if you act upon what you know to be true and right.
Read Chuck Baldwin's latest article here:

A Nation Of Truth-Rejecters
By Chuck Baldwin
January 6, 2011

Archived column:

A bedrock principle of Natural Law (the Law upon which Western
Civilization rests) is the primacy of truth. Without a desire for, and
appreciation of, truth, society cannot sustain itself. Lies, deceit,
duplicity, etc., are more than moral evils; they are the bane of
freedom and liberty. Take away truth, and one is left without honor,
justice, or decency. Truth is the cement that holds the bricks and
stones of a sane and civilized society together. Remove the former and
the latter will crumble.

Truth also demands courage and honesty, because sometimes it can be
very painful to look at! It takes an honest man to desire truth, as
truth will often reveal the character flaws in his own soul. It also
takes courage to appreciate truth, as
truth will often demand that one
change his own opinion or conduct. Unfortunately, it does appear that
the desire for truth has been replaced with a desire for deceit.

Years ago, a great, old preacher-warrior told my former church
“People today love being lied to.” How right he was!
For the most part, even professing Christian people today love being
lied to. It would seem that many people find deceit easier to digest

than truth. Maybe it’s because these people lack the aforementioned
virtues of honesty and courage.

Truth demands the virtue of honesty, because honesty requires that
information be objectively analyzed and studied; it requires that
personal prejudices and proclivities be set aside;
it requires that
humility replace pride, which allows one’s opinions and conduct to
change in the face of truth.

Truth also demands courage, as courage is the active response to
honesty. To know what is right to do is great (many people do not even
know this much), but to act upon what one knows to be right is even
greater--and also harder! Courage gives men the fortitude and
conviction to suffer personal loss in order to be faithful to their
own honesty. Courage places more value on honesty and truth than on
personal prosperity or aggrandizement. Courage propelled Daniel into
the lion’s den; it drove Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego into the
burning fiery furnace; it placed a youthful David onto the battlefield
alone against a fierce and ferocious adversary; it gathered Pastor
Jonas Clark’s congregants (mostly farmers and merchants) onto
Lexington Green to face Britain’s highly trained, professional

So, where are the virtues of honesty and courage in the desire for
truth today? Threaten the average pastor and church leader with some
obscure IRS tax code and they will quickly turn their backs upon
virtually every principle of truth and honor that they once professed
to believe. The mere threat of potential financial loss sends men
(excuse me, males) scurrying for cover.

In this regard, when then-Senator Lyndon Johnson created the heinous
501(c)3 IRS tax-exempt status for churches, he very cleverly (with
assistance from Hades, I might add) planted the seeds that would grow
up to intimidate the vast majority of America’s pastors and church

eaders into becoming silent slaves of the state. In fact, if one has
an opportunity to ever bore deeply into the matter, he or she will
discover that most pastors and church leaders today do not even regard
the Church as the institution of the living God, bound only to the
laws and principles of God’s Holy Word; they perceive it as a
creature of the state, bound to the subjective machinations of IRS
bureaucrats and their toadies in the law profession. And should a
choice ever have to be made between the two, God, His Word, and His
Church will be thrown under the bus in preference to the state-owned
corporation. So much for truth--or honesty, or courage, for that

The rejection of truth seems ubiquitous in America today. When did it
start? Maybe when Abraham Lincoln turned the Constitution on its head
and--at bayonet point--turned republicanism into nationalism; maybe
when Woodrow Wilson rejected thousands of years of human history and
turned America’s sound money system over to the corrupt and
illegitimate Federal Reserve; maybe when Wilson created the monstrous
Internal Revenue Service; maybe when the 17th Amendment was adopted;
maybe when the American media convinced people that Lee Harvey Oswald
acted alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; maybe
when the American people (including the vast majority of pastors and
Christians) turned their backs (and their hearts) to the Branch
Davidians, who were murdered by federal agents outside Waco, Texas;
maybe when so-called “conservative” Senate Republicans
deliberately chose to cover up President Bill Clinton’s criminal
conduct; maybe when the powers that be began demonizing anyone who
dared to question the “official” story regarding the events on
9/11/01; maybe when a vast majority of Christians and conservatives
blindly followed and actively supported the unconstitutional,
un-American policies of President George W. Bush. They supported Bush
when he threw off Western Civilization’s time-tested Just War
doctrine (and replaced it with an unconscionable Preemptive War
policy), and, again, when he officially began turning America into a
police state by creating the Department of Homeland Security,
implementing the Military Commissions Act, introducing the Patriot
Act, and dismantling Habeus Corpus and Posse Comitatus. Whenever it
started, the sad reality is, America has largely become a nation of

There is a passage of Scripture that I simply must interject here:
“Because they received not the love of the truth . . . God shall
send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” (II
Thess. 2:10,11 KJV)

This is one of God’s universal principles: when people deliberately
reject truth, God will allow them to believe lies, which always leads
to ultimate destruction. I submit that is exactly where America is
today. As a nation, we have rejected truth, and God is giving us over
to deceit and falsehood.
And what is interesting to me is the way in
which many unbelievers seem to have a thirst for truth that far
surpasses that of many professing Christians. This leads to an amazing

Think of it: when God is moving within a nation with His plan of
truth and justice (which He is always doing), then it stands to reason
that the evil one is, likewise, resisting and countering God’s plan
through deceit and falsehood. This means that those unbelievers who
seek truth are allying themselves with God (maybe even unwittingly),
while those professing Christians who have rejected truth are allying
themselves against God (again, maybe even unwittingly). Remember, God
called the heathen king, Cyrus, “my shepherd.” (Isa. 44:28) But
one thing is constant: truth is like a magnet: one is always being
pulled toward it or away from it, depending upon the polarity of
one’s heart and mind. People who embrace truth tend to embrace it
further, while people who reject truth tend to be continually hardened
against it.

Think of the conflicts of world and American history where brothers
fought against brothers. Many of these brethren died at the hands of
brethren fighting for truth, while other brethren died fighting
against truth. And though men may be unable to discern the difference,
God suffers from no such malady. He knows those who enable truth and
those who disable it. And many of those today that are resisting and
disabling truth call themselves Christians. There is another
appropriate Scripture: “By their fruits ye shall know them.”
(Matt. 7:20 KJV)

Again, the desire for truth is a bedrock principle of a free and
independent society. We must desire truth, first, in our own hearts.
We must be willing to objectively analyze our motives and actions
based upon this fundamental principle. How can so many people
(including professing Christians) behave so dishonestly? How can they
act so cowardly? How is it that truth is only precious when it
doesn’t cost us anything? How can people be so unconcerned about
truth and so spiteful toward those who seek it? How can those who
claim as their Savior the One is “the way, the truth, and the
life” be so calloused against truth? How can those who claim to read
the word of truth (the Bible) be so ignorant of truth?

Look around you: our society is breaking apart due to a lack of
appreciation for truth. Small businesses are being put out of business
due to a lack of truth. Families are being torn apart due to a lack of
Churches are filled with bitterness, carnality, envy, deceit,
duplicity, false accusation, greed, and cowardice due to a lack of
Our political institutions mock the principles of decency and
honor due to a lack of truth. The national media loves to distort
truth; the federal judiciary loves to twist truth; and there is no
such thing as truth to Big Business--only bottom line profits.

As we enter a new year in search of Heaven’s blessing and
protection, let us remind ourselves that God always judges people who
reject truth. Always! If we truly want Heaven’s blessing and
protection upon our land, we will start--each of us--by being willing
to seek and embrace truth, even if doing so costs us something;
because, in reality, people who reject truth lose a whole lot more
than whatever they had hoped to gain. Eventually, they lose, not only
their own lives, but also the life of their country.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

We Need To Raise Our Expectations, Don't We?

Here's an excellent article by Gary Demar of

What are Your Expectations?

Written on January 1, 2011 by Gary DeMar

An NBC poll reported that 54% of people claimed that the last ten years were the worst decade in American history. The fault here lies with those who know little about history, American or otherwise. Our tendency is to view life through our life experiences. We measure life in terms of what we don’t have rather than what we do have. Yesterday I watched the extraordinary film Endurance(1999), the story of Ethiopian athlete Haile Gebrselassie, one of the greatest track and field athletes in history. He turned adversity into victory. He lived in abject poverty. It was his poverty that turned him into a champion. As a child he ran 6.25 miles to school every morning, and the same back every evening. And we think we’ve got it tough.

Consider this scenario. You’ve lost all of your freedoms. Your nation is occupied by a foreign army. The system of civil government that has kept your country intact has been abolished, and the occupying nation sets up a dictatorship. Things look hopeless, right? Right. But it gets worse. The dictator hires men from your own neighborhood to spy on you and to collect taxes directly. There’s no appeal if he takes too much. In fact, he always takes too much. That’s how the dictator pays him.

Of course, your army is disbanded and foreign soldiers are stationed in every neighborhood. Your church can only operate under the direction of the dictator. If your church leaders want to propose a new program, they must appeal to the dictator for permission. Those who oppose the new government are summarily disciplined or executed.

Would these be, in the words of Charles Dickens, the best of times or the worst of times? Circumstances seem to indicate that they are the worst of times. Let’s move ahead 30 years. A man comes on the scene who seems to be a savior to deliver you from oppression. But just as you think he’s going to make his move, he is publicly executed. All but one of his followers forsake him.

Of course, you know that I’m describing the time of Jesus’ birth and His crucifixion 30 years later. Things looked worse than hopeless for the Jews. And to top it off, God sent a baby into the world to save His people! A poor family with no social or political standing is chosen to rear this seemingly unlikely savior. Thirty years will pass before something of any consequence will happen. And even then no one will really understand what He’s trying to accomplish. After Jesus died and was buried, His beleaguered followers went back to their fishing business. And just as things seemed to pick up again, Jesus leaves them and turns the whole shootin’ match over to the same guys who ran away when He was arrested!

None of this is very encouraging from the perspective of a first-century Jew awaiting a redeemer. How would a 21st-century preacher handle these circumstances if he were transported back in time not knowing how it all turned out? “We’re nearing the end of all things. It’s hopeless. Humanism has the upper hand. It’s futile to try to reform the world. In fact, we cannot accomplish such a monumental task with so many obstacles confronting us.” It took nearly 300 years after the ascension of Jesus before the fourth kingdom fell. Rome did fall. Times were rough. Christians were executed, and the church was persecuted. But God’s kingdom, the “stone cut without hands” did its work.

The battle lines are being drawn today between those who believe that the world can be changed in spite of the rampage of evil and those who say that circumstances indicate that the end is near. The battle is not with the Humanists; it’s with those within the church. Now, those who oppose the building of a Christian civilization aren’t wolves in sheep’s clothing, Humanists parading around as Christians. In fact, many who believe that the world is hopelessly lost are committed Christians. They are firmly convinced that their position is biblical. They’re sheep!

Is it really true that the world is getting worse and worse and that there’s no hope of stemming the tide of evil? I wonder if those who hold this view would like to return to life as it was in 1886. I don’t believe they would. Of course the world can be made better. All one has to do is compare Ethiopia, for example, with any city in the United States.

But you say that times are worse ethically and morally. “Yes,” someone will say, “we do have technological advancements, but the moral climate is degenerating.” But don’t you think that there’s some relationship between a nation’s religious commitment and technological advancement? Is it just coincidental that the West has advanced culturally and technologically while the East has either stagnated or even declined? And how about this: Why is it that when pagan nations adopt the worldview of the once-Christian West that their culture advances at a rapid pace? Japan, for the most part, is pagan, but the Japanese imported Western values long ago. While they give lip service to the pagan worship of their ancestors, they know that if they’re going to do business with the once-Christian West, they must adopt Western ways. That includes the expressions of a Christian worldview.

There were times when declines set in, but over the long haul, life was getting better. What we tend to do is make our slice of time normative and absolute. Because life looks bad now, we prematurely conclude that life can’t possibly get better. Once evil starts, there is no stopping it. Tell that to the slave prior to the Civil War. Tell that to my grandparents and millions of other immigrant families who came to America with little or no money. Hard times, even evil times, are temporary in biblical terms (Joseph, Daniel).

One of the reasons why times look so bad now as compared to, say, two centuries ago is that we hear about nearly every evil in the world on the six o’clock news. We read about the most vile events in the morning and evening editions of our newspapers. Filth and violence are brought into our homes via weekly magazines, in living and dying color. We overdose on bad news daily via the internet. Of course, things are bad. But what if our counterparts 500 years ago had the same communication system? How do you think the papers would read? Pretty rotten, I would say.

Don’t get me wrong. Times are bad. But times are not impossible. Even if we were to experience the total collapse of Western civilization, this would not necessarily mean the end. Israel and Judah collapsed numerous times. All one has to do is read the book of Daniel to see that kingdoms rise and new kingdoms are built on the smoldering rubble. Babylon fell, and the Medes and the Persians took over. The Medes and the Persians were conquered by the Greeks. Greece was vanquished by the Romans. A vibrant Christian civilization won out. Christianity is still alive and well and these other kingdoms are distant memories only revived in textbooks.

It may be that the once-Christian America will pass away. It happened to Israel. The destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 should stand as a constant reminder that there’s an end to God’s patience. If the tide of immorality is not turned back, America might be relegated to the dust bin of history. But is it impossible to believe that a more godly civilization could arise from the ashes? Revival may spread throughout Africa, Korea, China, or even the Soviet Union. What we now see as famine and death in Ethiopia may one day become a new continent saturated with Christians fulfilling the original dominion mandate. Just because our nation seems to be disintegrating, doesn’t mean that there’s no hope for the rest of the world. Who would have ever thought that the United States could have carried on the great Christian tradition of the Reformation?

We’ve locked ourselves into a mode of thinking that becomes self-fulfilling. One generation of Christians believes that their culture is at the breaking point. In their minds, this is the end. What do they do? They retreat from building a Christian civilization, believing it’s futile to try to transform society. It was not the end, but the damage to the world was done. Humanists came in and filled the vacancies left by once-dominion oriented Christians. Now life is worse than it was in the previous generation. The current generation evaluates the times and concludes that their generation will experience the end. More retreating. Humanism takes more territory vacated by Christians.

In a hundred years, three generations of Christians have retreated thinking that the end was near. Each generation left the world in worse shape than the way they found it.

So then, the Humanist is not the problem. It’s Christians! Christians aren’t thrown out of positions of authority and influence. They give into unbelief. A little compromise here, a little compromise there. There is retreat in the face of hostility. They go along to get along. This too will pass. If you think the end is near, such persecutions just add fuel to the fire of prophetic speculation. “This was all predicted, don’t you know.” To fight against such anti-Christian hostility is thought to be futile and maybe even subversive to God’s plan for the ages.

Humanism flourishes when the church loses its leavening effect on the world. A corrupt world is the result of a corrupt church. Read Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. He was shocked that the Corinthians were tolerating “immorality of such a kind as does not exist even among the Gentiles” (1 Cor. 5:1). The church is not told to tolerate evil, nor is the church to retreat in the face of evil. Paul tells the Corinthian church to “remove the wicked man from among” themselves (v. 13).

How about doctrinal error? Paul shows that they “must be silenced because they are upsetting whole families, teaching things they should not teach. . .” (Titus 1:11). Such troublemakers are to be “delivered over to Satan, so they may not be taught to blaspheme” (1 Timothy 1:20). The leadership in the church is to reprove those who error and those who listen to them so they “may be sound in the faith” (Titus 1:13). But for too long, the church has neglected the creeping secularism that has infiltrated the church.

Why does it seem that the religious radicals advance to the positions of power? Edmund and Julia Robb make this observation in their book The Betrayal of the Church:

The Religious Left has controlled the church by default. . . . In many ways the radicals have demonstrated more integrity than the moderates [and conservatives]. Most radicals are willing to risk their reputation for what they believe. They are not afraid to be controversial and to take unpopular positions. What they believe, however misguided, they believe fervently. As a result, they have influence far above what their numbers would justify. It would seem that conservatives, which represent a majority of members in most mainline denominations, could have stymied a Religious Left with which they totally disagree. Their fervency is unquestionable. But the conservatives have held only marginal positions of influence during the last fifty years.

Underneath it all the Humanists are weak! They’re afraid of us! They play the role of tough guy, and we accommodate them. We also think we can reason with them if we just give in a little. Let’s “dialogue.” While we’re listening to their rhetoric, they’re moving into positions of power. Before we know it, all the exits are covered, and they’re ready to beat us to a pulp if we do not follow their program. Even with our pitiful efforts, the Humanists are scared. Why? They know that their view is the minority view. If the cat gets out of the bag that their position is as awful as they know it is, in five years their entire world view will turn to dust. They will be seen as the fools they really are.

Numerous people have come up to me after I’ve delivered a series of lectures and say: “Why, I never looked at it like that before. I never heard that.” C.S. Lewis in his immortal Screwtape Letters addresses this very issue. Speaking to his apprentice devil Wormwood about his Christian “patient,” Screwtape writes:

By the very act of arguing, you awake the patient’s reason; and once it is awake, who can foresee the result? Even if a particular train of thought can be twisted so as to end in our favour, you will find that you have been strengthening in your patient the fatal habit of attending to universal issues and withdrawing his attention from the stream of immediate sense experiences. Your business is to fix his attention on the stream. Teach him to call it “real life” and don’t let him ask what he means by “real.”

The devil wants us to remain passive in the face of hostile opposition to the Christian faith. And, even if we do get involved, it’s only for defensive purposes and short-term action. The devil isn’t too concerned if we battle Humanism. He knows that in time we’ll go home. For most Christians, there’s no long-term strategy to implement. What angers, frustrates, and motivates the devil is when we start building to supplant Humanism. When we start building schools, the devil-inspired Humanists who have succeeded in claiming the seats of judicial power swoop down on us to try to shut us down. They are usually backed by one of the largest anti-Christian lobbying groups in the country, the NEA.

You see, as long as Christians remained in their churches, even railing against every “ism” under the sun, the devil was not worried. He got upset when we took our Christian beliefs to the world. It’s when we claimed this world as ours in the name of Christ, as “fellow-heirs” (Rom. 8), that he went on his rampage. He put his “useful idiots” to work, like Norman Lear and “People for the American Way.”

The goal is to get us to believe a lie, that Christians should keep their religion private, that there’s no hope in changing things. Preachers teach it, and millions of Christians believe it. The Humanists are saying the same thing! Here’s just one example. In Greenville, Tennessee, some Christian parents want alternative textbooks for their children. Here’s what a syndicated columnist had to say about them:

These poor children are being denied the most basic of childhood’s freedoms, the right to imagine and learn. Someone should remind their parents the law of this land still requires we educate our children in qualified schools with qualified teachers. That a sound education involves free exploration of ideas and fact. That they may rant and rave against humanism and feminism and any other “ism” on Sunday, but come Monday the children belong in school.[1]

Christians are tolerated as long as they keep their faith private. That’s just the way the devil wants it. We fall for his trap when we believe that the world cannot be changed, that there’s no earthly hope, that this world doesn’t matter. Bah! Humbug!


Do you realize that today's date is 1-1-11?

Our family spent a quiet evening together doing family devotions, eating carry out pizza, watching a movie and eating carmel corn.
We were in bed well before midnight. AAHHH........we are such the party animals!

The Draper Family prays that you all prosper in every way this new year, especially in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Let us pray that our country turns back to it's founding principles so that we may enjoy that liberty those principles intended, just as we enjoy the liberty (liberty from sin, liberty to serve Him) through Jesus Christ our Savior.

Isaiah 57:15

For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Solus Christus,
Sola Fide,
Sola Gratia,
Sola Scriptura
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