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Our relationship moves to next level

Our relationship moves to next level

   Its funny, right now I can remember every date we ever had in detail. And for the most part our dating was just like every one else’s dating. Nothing special, but every date was special to me and every date brought us a little closer to one another. There are a lot of stories to tell, but I think I’ll just write about the ones that are the most heartfelt memories to me… the ones that mean the most to me. The story I’m about to tell is another thing I’ll never understand. I’m just glad it happened. So here we go.

One day I decided I didn’t want to live without Charlotte. I liked our relationship but “the time had come” so to speak. My mom had asked what my intentions for Charlotte were. I said “Nothing. I like things the way they are." Mom said "Bull****” and "If you keep messing around you’ll lose her." Hummm, right after that I moved a refrigerator for her Mom. And I overheard her mom say, “If you lose him you’re a fool” …so her mom liked me. OK time to test the water. So that evening I asked her “If I were to ask you to marry me, would you?” She said “no” and then gave me a come and get me look. You would have to know Charlotte to understand that and I’m sure if her sisters read this they are laughing right now. So I knew.
Next I had to steal a ring from her without her knowing (for her ring size…I did :)
Next I had a ring made. Two Marquise Rubies and little Diamonds surrounding the center Diamond Yellow Gold Ring. It took awhile to get it and I never told her. But now that I had it, I couldn’t wait. Now comes the part I’ll never understand. Just like not understanding the time with my dad telling me she was the one.
I went over to Charlotte’s house. Ann (her mom) was there. That was not unusual, and I kind of liked it… most of the time, just not this time. Sometimes we'd talk a few minutes and we'd leave for a date and some times she would just leave and Charlotte would fix me something and we would talk and watch TV. Most of the time Ann would leave within 10 to 15 minutes. But not this night… I couldn’t get rid of her. She seemed to know, but how. 
A couple of weeks before I had asked Charlotte what she would say, but later I asked Charlotte and she said, “I never told anybody about that” and besides how could she know this was the night. That ring was burning a whole in my pocket. I got desperate. I had waited a long time for Ann to leave and she wasn’t going to leave. So right in front of Ann I took Charlotte by the hand and said I need to talk to you privately. Right in front of Ann I pulled her daughter in to her bedroom. (I promise you that wouldn’t work for a young man to pull my daughter in to any bed room)…but Ann never said anything. I took her to the end of her bed, got down on one knee and asked, “will you marry me?”… long pause… was she playing me?… then a tear came and she said yes. I stood up, we kissed and hugged and then I pulled out the ring and put it on her finger. She looked at it and lost her breath. We both teared up and kissed again. Remember Ann is still outside of the bedroom. We had to wait a minute, I couldn’t let anybody see me cry…Ann still waiting…and then we came out. When we came out Ann didn’t even look at our faces. We must have been in there for 15min. and went we came out Ann was looking right at Charlotte’s ring finger. They hugged and hugged and then she hugged me. And then she left.
Somehow she knew, and I always wondered how. I even asked, and she said, “I just knew” But how? I’ll never forget that night. But I can tell you this, Ann loved me and I loved her. And this will always be a precious memory…But I’ll never understand how she knew.
49 days, and Charlotte I still love you more than ever. I miss you so much!!!  

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